The Wrecking Crew

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The Wrecking Crew
Donald Hamilton

Matt Helm #2

Donald Hamilton

The Wrecking Crew

Chapter One

I AWOKE EARLY, shaved, dressed, draped myself with cameras and equipment, and went on deck
to record our entry into the port of Gothenburg. I couldn't think of a likely market for
the shots, but I was supposed to be an eager and ambitious free-lance photographer, and
I'd be expected to be alert to the chance that somebody would fall overboard or the ship
would hit something.

Nothing happened, and after we were safely docked I went down to breakfast, after which I
came back up to the smoking room for passport inspection. Finally I was shunted down the
gangplank into the arms of the Swedish customs, where I braced myself to justify my
possession of a thousand bucks' worth of photographic gear and several hundred rolls of
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